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Watch out for black flies.

Black flies are phlebotomic black insects of around 2-4 mm in length which look like small flies.
Black flies are called “Buyu”, “Buyo” or ”Buto” in Japanese depending on the region, and they mostly live in highlands and along streams in the mountains.
They inhabit in Nasu Highland Golf Club too, and it is possible to get stung (bitten) while you are playing so please be careful.


Black flies don’t sting your skin with their needle like flies, but they bite your skin off. It’s easy to confuse bites from black flies with those from flies, but please note that the symptoms are different.

Black flies are active in the morning and in the evening, and they often sting (bite) you especially around the exposed shin.
When you are being stung (bitten), you don’t feel any pain or itchiness, and in about half a day after you get stung, the stung area gets swollen and red, and it gradually starts to itch intensely. And then a red lump appears and sometimes the pain or itchiness continues for about a week. Please note that in some cases you get a fever or headache as well.

●In order not to get stung (bitten) by black flies

In order to prevent getting stung (bitten) by black flies, precautions described below are effective. So please take precautions.

・Try not to expose your skin to the maximum extent.
Especially your legs (below the knee) should not be exposed.
・Use insect deterrent spray.
You cannot expect to prevent the bites entirely, but it is better to use it. Use your spray once in every hour.
・Use mint oil spray.
It is said that black flies hate mint, so it might have preventive effect to spray mint oil. It is said that spray-type compresses including Air Salonpas have effect too.

●If you get a black fly sting (bite)

If you get stung (bitten) by a black fly, please do the following.
・Remove poison from the bitten area using a poison remover, etc.
・Disinfect and cool down the bitten area.
・Apply an ointment.
・When the symptom is severe, go to the hospital.

Precautions are necessary to enjoy the competition.
Please do not expose your skin to the maximum extent.
If you wish we will give you overpants, so if you need them please let us know.
Also, we have insect deterrent spray and disinfectant for treatment after you get a bite ready on the course. Please feel free to use them.